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Paul & Louise - Rottnest Island Wedding

We were priviledge to be invited to our friends wedding on the beautiful Rottnest Island and......make their wedding cake !

Paul Miller spotted Louise singing on The Voice Australia whilst nursing a broken leg at home. He was completely smitten and decided to track her down....he succeeded until Louise could no longer resist and the love story began......

Whilst completing the Rottness swim the following year Paul had secretely strapped an engagement ring to his ankle and proposed in front of the channel 9 news team and hundreds of people....She said Yes !!

The planning of their wedding on Rottnest Island began and as expected, with many friends and family, the weekend was amazing.

The Beach and weather was just perfect and the couple looked amazing.

The most stressful part of my weekend was preparing the cake a day ahead, packaging it and dreading the trip on the ferry from Hilarys to Rottnest.

Luckily it was a very calm day so a smooth crossing. On arrival we delivered the cake to Aristos restaurant to store in their cool room.

On saturday morning i returned to the restaurant to stack the 5 tier's of Vanilla Sponge cake with cream and lemon curd filling, and of course to completely cover it with coconut....Oooh the coconut...... The staff at Aristos were amazing and luckily they had not vacumed the floors before my arrival with the coconut !!

Off to get changed, meet the other 80 guests and get our bus to the beautiful secluded beach.

Such a beautiful ceremony in such beautiful surroundings in the sunshine.....then on to a stunning reception at Aristos.

The Coconut Cloud Cake was loved by the bride and groom and the guests.......and there wasnt much left !

After the wedding Paul & Louise was invited by the Channel 9 news team to speak about their wedding.....following their public proposal

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