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Wedding Cakes - 10 very good reasons that you should book Vinescakes for your special day !

You’ve booked your venue, photographer, celebrant, you’ve bought the dress and arranged the hair and make-up….what now? I know.....the cake! That’s something which you can decide on as a couple, you can both choose the flavours and enjoy the tastings, you can spend hours poring over the designs and creating something that you both agree will match your chosen theme perfectly. But, how on earth are you going to choose who makes the precious cake?

Easy, look no further; book Alison from Vines Cakes for any (or indeed all) of the following reasons:

1). Experience

Cakes just look so easy don’t they – you look at a design and think – I’m sure that I could replicate that, how hard can it be? The answer is – they can prove to be far more difficult, complicated, intricate and expensive to create than you would imagine.

Alison from Vinescakes has over 20 years experience of cake baking, decorating and creating. Throughout the time that Alison has been running her business, the ideas and inspirations for wedding cakes have just continued to evolve and with this evolution so, Alison’s talent and skills have developed. She is very happy to discuss whatever design or style of cake you may like from the tiered, pillared, classical wedding cakes to the naked cakes, which have recently become so popular. Alison has a fabulous knowledge of the popular wedding venues in Perth and will even be able to advise you on a design which will work particularly well within that venue whilst complimenting your overall wedding style.

2). Budget

Many couples approach their cake researching thinking that a cake is not going to be an expensive element of their wedding. We have all heard the stories of cakes costing thousands of dollars but, surely that can’t be right? You would be very surprised at how the cost of designing, purchasing the ingredients, equipment for baking, icing and decorating a cake can soon mount up.

Alison will sit down with you right at the start of the cake planning process and discuss your design, flavours, size options, the number of guests to be fed – whether it’s coffee portions or dessert portions that are required, the desired decoration and delivery options. There’s much more that goes into the planning and execution of a wedding cake than you may initially consider. You really want the cake to be the perfect centrepiece to your wedding, the vision which you have in your head but, you don’t have a limitless budget. Fear not – Alison will explain the whole process with you and between you, come up with the perfect cake within your budget. Just remember to be realistic, often many hours go into baking and decorating a two or three tiered cake so take this into account when planning the budget. Be guided by Alison, she will be happy to make recommendations and suggestions to save money without cutting corners!

3). Quality

OK; we have all seen them – the disaster wedding cakes on the Internet; they show photos of what they were supposed to look like and then what was actually produced. Yes, they are generally very funny but, not if that happens to you! Something that you very rarely see but, we hear a lot about are the cake baking disasters, which are often, only found once the cake has been cut! Cakes, which are over-cooked, cakes that are undercooked, cakes that are burnt on the edges and then undercooked in the middle! Often these cakes are absolutely appalling and venues will often refuse to serve them as dessert or, find it almost impossible to cut them.

By booking Alison you know that you are booking a cake maker who can, not only produce the goods on the outside; her cakes look spectacular and flawless every time; but, also you are using a cake baking professional who is endorsed by many of Perth’s most popular wedding venues. Venues have the confidence to cut into Alison’s cakes and know that it will be very easy and a pleasure to serve. Vinescakes ensure that the same quality ingredients and baking knowhow go into producing all of their cakes whether they are a tiered cake, cupcakes, naked cake or just a couple of kitchen (plating) cakes.

4). Variety

Within the last 10 years or so; something has changed in the culinary world; it may just be that we are all more informed about dietary allergies and intolerances, it may be a result of education or it may be a change in environment. Whatever it is; more people have or are aware of allergies and intolerances to specific ingredients then ever before. In tandem with this all bridal couples are searching for the perfect wedding cake flavours, which perfectly reflect their personalities, tastes and preferences whilst also suiting their guests.

Creating delicious cakes, which you will not want to even share with your guests, is what Alison will do for you. Vinescakes have a reputation for amazing flavours and will happily create whatever flavours suit you. Tasting samples are included in your quote so that you can taste a few of the suggested flavours and then select from them. Also Alison understands and respect the dietary requirements that some of your guests may have and is very willing and able to provide either cupcakes to suit the guests with allergies or intolerances, or even a whole tier for a specific dietary need of several guests e.g. gluten and dairy free etc.

5). Convenience

The week before your wedding is a very stressful period for even the most laid back bridal couple! You have to visit the venue and drop off all of your items for the tables etc, you have to pick up suits, often you have to pick up dresses, you have forgotten to order some of the flowers so you have to sort that out, you have to have your nails done, write speeches, get your tan done, pick up relatives or friends form the airport etc, etc, etc and you need as many pairs of hands as possible. Now’s the time that you regret asking Mum to make the cake! You really need her help and she’s already on the third attempt at baking as the last two failed, she still needs to ice and decorate it and then, somehow, it has to be delivered on the morning of the wedding as the venue can’t store it overnight. What on earth are you going to do? By booking Alison to make your wedding cake, you are disposing with all of that worry. Alison will ensure that the cakes are baked, iced, decorated and delivered right on schedule. No fuss, no messy kitchen to clean up, no worry and no hassle.

Stay tuned to Vinescakes for part 2!

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