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Wedding Cakes - Part 2


6). Tasters

You probably have some very specific ideas in mind for your cake. You would really love to try to create a combination of flavours, which would combine to deliver your perfect tiered cake, individual cakes, cupcakes or even muffins! You also need to check the quality of the cakes provided by your potential cake maker – they are going to be one of the most important (and potentially the most expensive) cakes of your lives – it has to be exactly to your tastes and live up to your, understandably, high expectations.

How do you resolve this? Simple – Alison from Vinescakes is very happy to provide you with a number of cake “tasters” or samples to take away to enjoy together at your leisure and decide on your flavour combinations. Always remember that if you can’t narrow it down to required number of tiers – for example if you have chosen a three tier cake but, you really can’t decide between 5 flavours - then Alison will be happy to quote you for a couple of extra cakes or “kitchen cakes” as they are known. Kitchen Cakes are simply iced appropriately for the flavour but are not decorated as they are just to be cut up and served on platters and therefore are an inexpensive way of providing your guests with even more choice and variety.

7). Reputation

There are literally thousands of cake makers within the Perth Metropolitan area alone. Anyone who has ever successfully baked and iced a cake seems to be starting up in business. The importance of engaging somebody with a great reputation, established business and lots and lots of experience is absolutely crucial in your decision making process.

You are in luck – you are reading this blog, which means that you have found a cake maker with over 20 years’ experience of making cakes in the wedding industry both here in Australia and also in the UK. Alison had a great reputation within the industry with many of her wedding industry colleagues as well as being the recommended cake maker for many of Perth’s favourite Wedding Venues including Mulberry on Swan, Carilley Estate, Swanbrook Winery, Caversham House, Joondalup Resort, Belvoir Function Centre….. Add to this the fact that Alison was approached to be a founding member of the prestigious website. Let’s get Hitched is a collective of some of Perth’s most reputable, wedding industry professionals and to be invited to join this group you must have an unblemished reputation and enjoy the respect of your wedding industry colleagues within the group.

8). Style

During your time researching wedding cakes, you will have discovered that there are dozens of styles; contemporary, clean, elegant, bling, regal, naked, rustic, vintage, novelty, gothic, specific colours etc….the list goes on. How on earth are you going to know whether or not a cake maker will be able to accommodate your chosen style, in fact, how on earth are you going to select a style in the first place?

Call, email, message or contact Alison at Vinescakes by any means at your disposal! Alison has style in bucket loads. She will be happy to help you to select a style that will suit the rest of your chosen theme for the wedding reception, the type of cake that you would like which will complement the style and also a style which will suit your chosen reception venue. Alison is extremely versatile and no specific cake decoration will faze her. Simply tell her what you would like or design something together and Alison will make your dream, wedding cake a reality. Alison has the artistic flair, experience and creativity to capture all of your ideas for a cake and execute them to perfection.

9). Peace of Mind

There are so many “what ifs” involved in planning a wedding and there are quite a few with the planning of the cake. What will the weather be doing? Believe it or not, the weather can have a very big effect on a wedding cake; heat and humidity can be fatal for both the cake and, in particular the icing which you choose. Then there’s the storage and delivery of the cake and ensuring that how it is kept /stored at the venue is appropriate. Many homemade or shop bought cakes have to be delivered by the bridal couples to the Venues; usually the day before the wedding, the cake needs to be kept at room temperature but, the venues aren’t air conditioned overnight and the temperatures may soar, however, the couples have been told to ensure that the cake is not to be put in a fridge or cool room because the icing will “sweat”. Oh No!

That’s precisely why you should call in a professional and in particular Alison from Vinescakes. Alison will keep an eye on the weather conditions, she will ensure that she communicates with your venue to ensure that the cake is delivered and stored at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way to ensure that it doesn’t melt, sweat or is in anyway damaged. She will leave clear instructions as to which tiers are to be cut and what types of cakes they are and also warn them of any hazards; pins /supports, etc. which may be hidden in the cake.

10). Friendly, Flexible, Personal and Reliable Service

As we have established; your wedding cake is a very important element of your wedding day and you need to know that throughout the planning stages of the wedding, you will be able to change aspects of your cake; flavours, add in some dietary requirements, change some of the decoration, alter the number of cakes required, add in kitchen cakes. You also want to know that the cake will arrive in one piece, on time and with the chosen cake toppers in place. You want to deal with someone who will respond to your emails, telephone calls, facebook messages and will always be cheerful, friendly and professional. And most of all you would like to deal with someone who will produce a beautiful cake with no fuss.

Alison is everything that you will want from your wedding cake supplier; she has all of the above qualities; friendliness, flexibility, a personal approach and reliability. However, you don’t need to take our word for it, just ask one of the hundreds of happy clients for whom Alison has produced a fabulous wedding cake, or one of her many wedding industry colleagues who are delighted to recommend her.

So don’t delay any further, contact Alison for a quote today, you have nothing to lose and a delicious, beautiful, hassle free and good value wedding cake to gain!


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